American Dreams

Curated by Charles Rasputin

January 22nd - 30th, 2016

Once upon a time, the American Dream was a singular vision. Nuclear family, small town values, flawless faith in the system. Those dreams are undoubtedly changing.

Using light based projection and site specific installations we explore the birth, growth and development of two distinct footprints of creative culture and the journey of imagination these artists have traveled.

Through time, space, process and practice, Shomi and Navid achieve their destination and realize their vision by creating entire imaginary universes, distinct cultural imprints, in fantastic situations and in real time.

Explore and experience the diverse beauty of creative culture, the strength of subculture and the influence of pop culture through looping videos, large scale illustrations and new media exploration. Their creative paths intermingle and expose these acts of imagination, creation and manifestation as the truest new embodiment of American Dreams.

SHOMI RAHMAN PATWARY is a Bengali born filmmaker that hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia and centers his operations in New York City presently. His work, a veritable who’s who of indie rock, electronic music and hip hop, but his vision and creation transcend the pop and hip hop world that his work has become ubiquitous with. Creating worlds and atmospheres that bring some of the top names in entertainment’s music to life visually, Shomi dreams into existence the visual fabric of our verge culture, influencing and creating it from within.

NAVID IQBALUR RAHMAN is a Bengali born illustrator raised in Virginia Beach, creating work under the pseudonym Everyone Ruins. Using primarily traditional pen and ink, he is obsessive in his attention to line weight and meticulous detail. His work explores worlds grounded in fantasy but rendered in reality and challenges the viewer to fall into the dream-like layers of his illustrative universe.

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