Echoes from the East

Rutter Family Art Foundation Curatorial Fellowship Exhibition

JUNE 3rd - JULY 9th, 2016

RFAF Inaugural Curatorial Fellowship Exhibition

curated by Stephanie Katsias
featuring work by
+ John Cage
+ Bill Viola
+ Ray Kass
+ Staci Katsias
+ Susan Bacik
+ Renata Sheppard

Exhibition Info:
“ECHOES FROM THE EAST” examines the ways in which artists working in a variety of media and genres allow different Buddhist philosophies and meditative practices to inform their work, laying bare the complex intersections between Western artists’ creative minds and their “Buddha minds.” These six artists, John Cage, Bill Viola, Ray Kass, Staci Katsias, Susan Bacik, and Renata Sheppard, have each studied forms of Eastern philosophies, and have adopted the tenets and themes that resonate with their individual creative selves to varying degrees of direct influence. In this way, the ideas that inform their work become an aggregate of their experiences: a unification of their exposure to both daily life in the United States, combined with study of Eastern religious, spiritual, and cultural practices. Exploring the concepts of emptiness, impermanence, openness, and spontaneity central to Buddhist and Taoist thought, the works included in this exhibition arrive at radically different visual and sonic representations of these abstract concepts.
This exhibition is curated by Stephanie Katsias, the inaugural recipient of the Rutter Family Art Foundation’s Curatorial Fellowship. The Rutter Family Art Foundation (RFAF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to featuring modern and contemporary art of the highest quality to the Hampton Roads area, anchored by innovative programming designed to engage the community. Work | Release is the first floor exhibition space in the historic Texaco Building on Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia.

Each year in June and July, RFAF will sponsor a Curatorial Fellowship. Applications will be available in the fall and winners will be announced in January. This will be a competitive fellowship open to anyone who will hold a degree by the time of the show. Graduate students would also be eligible. The fellowship provides a budget for all aspects of curating and exhibiting a show at Work | Release.

Katsias will graduate in May from the University of Virginia with a double B.A. in Art History and Arts Administration. A native of Virginia Beach, she has spent her extracurricular time in Charlottesville working as a Student Docent at the Fralin Museum of Art, and a co-instructing a two-credit course on The Beatles, among other things. She has previously interned for the Museum of Modern Art, the Virginia Film Festival, and AltDaily.



Artist performances by Renata Sheppard.

DJ sets by
+ Cam Dinunzio
+ DJ Bee

Live performance by OIIII

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