Writing Lightly

A Neon Exhibition

April 1 - May 7, 2016

Writing Lightly focuses on the visualization and interpretation of language through the use of neon and light. Neon is recognized as a classic form of communication in industry and advertising. Impossible to miss, the glow of a neon sign is captivating and vibrant, able to deliver straightforward information to distant viewers. Morris W. Travers, a chemist working on the discoveries of noble gases noted upon his first sight of neon, “The blaze of the crimson light from the tube told its own story, and it was a sight to dwell upon and never to forget”.
Language as expression can be ambiguous or direct; it bears the burden of being the essential vehicle for articulation. This selection of artworks speaks to the complexities of language and the subtle undertones that words create. Writing Lightly exhibits neon and light as a form of poetry and as a material for reconstructing the meaning behind words. Now let the works tell their own story, lightly.

Writing Lightly is organized by curator Hannah Kirkpatrick, and curatorial assistant, Ali Feeney.

Some artists in this exhibition have taken to reappropriating a once industrial, commercial sign; bringing to light our relationship to product advertising, identity, and societal standards. Others look to the craftsmanship behind bending glass to think about ideas of the personal and the handwritten. What seems so industrious in an age of mechanization, one may be surprised to learn that every neon tube made is bent by hand. Alternatively, other artists look towards light and the electrical qualities of neon to reference the evolution of language and communication with ever growing technology.

Alicia Eggert and Safwat Saleem
Bryan Riehl
Clay McGlamory
Craig Kraft
George Horner
Helen Lee
James Akers
Jen Elek
Jeremy Bert
Kristi Totoritis
Liss LaFleur
Nari Ward

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