August 5th - September 3rd, 2016

The Ancient Roman term domus refers directly to the home, a stronghold in modern society that molds one’s perception of domestication. For every individual, this perception differs uniquely.

The household is polymorphic in essence, varying with each inhabitants specific taste. One’s modern, city loft contrasts greatly with another’s two story suburban dwelling. One’s punk dump may slightly digress from the aesthetic tendency of an eighty year old grandmother’s country home. What’s to say, however, that these conflicting aesthetics can’t provide the same nostalgic feeling? The domestic space generates a lasting stamp on a human’s memory bank, especially in reference to specific objects, shapes, and colors.

DOMUS aims to consolidate and re-appropriate the nostalgia of the household experience, immersing the viewer in a collaborative effort executed through the use of sculpture, painting, design, and installation.

Contributing Artists: Brian Mitchell, Matt Jackson, Schuyler Beecroft

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