October 14th - November 19th, 2016

October 14th thru November 19th

Free & Open to the Public
Rutter Family Art Foundation is proud to present
a Group New Media Exhibition curated by Charles Rasputin
just in time for the Fall season and the NEON District’s Halloween tradition.
+ Alli Coates
+ Signe Pierce
+ Jeremy Coulliard
+ Shomi Patwary
+ ASAP Rocky
+ Noah Scalin
+ Bob Weisz
+ Rusty Lazer
+ Jami Girouard
+ Ian Watt
+ Kidmograph
+ N e w A e ѕ т н e т ι c
+ Russell White

When Ryle described Descartes’ mind/body philosophy as a “Ghost in the Machine” it was almost a premonition of the future in the 21st century. The concept that spirit and body were separate or that mind & soul could exist separately from one’s physicality has been widely considered and discussed for centuries. In this new age of technology the examination of the philosophy of mind/body dualism takes on entire new dimensions.
Hackers, Makers, Builders, Programmers, Producers and a thousand other creative designations are this era’s contribution to artisanship, intellectual development and trade mastery. As we step into an era of immersive worlds & augmented realities, our creatorship becomes a fluid entity and the tangible embodiment of the intangible soul.
Intelligence ~ artificial & organic…
The difference isn’t always so clear.
These artists explore mind / body duality through mechanical and organic perspective and their practice manifests through the lens of technology, video and new media in this Fall group exhibition at Work | Release curated by Charles Rasputin.

Opening Night Performances
Artist Meet & Greet
Exhibition Discussion by curator Charles Rasputin
Late Night DJ sets to celebrate the impending season!

Thank you for your inquiry. Our private event coordinator is currently out of the country with limited email access and will return on Monday, March 13th. Please allow a minimum of 2-3 business days for a reply. We appreciate your interest in Work | Release. For any urgent
requests please contact [email protected].